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Hold Your Breath

In Memory of the 400,000 who have died in the genocide in Darfur and the 2.5 million who have been displaced since 2003.

In Solidarity with those in the Sudan who continue to hold their breath, living in fear of losing their lives.

In Recognition that the international community has been idle, holding its breath, and that we are all responsible to halt the genocide.

In a Vow to do our part to bring attention to Darfur.

Every 8 minutes another Darfuri is killed.
Email us with your thoughts and responses.

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Simultaneous Events Occurred In:

New York

Location:346 Broadway, New York
Time:Noon, 29 day of June, 2006


Location:Palais De Justice, Brussels
Time:18:00, 29 day of June, 2006

Kigali, Rwanda

Time:18:00, 29 day of June, 2006

Washington, D.C.

Location:Dupont Circle
Time:Noon, 29 day of June, 2006


Location:2301 Central Ave., NE
Time:10:00, 29 day of June, 2006

Los Angeles

Location:Federal Building, 11000 Wilshire Blvd.
Time:9:00, 29 day of June, 2006